Who Would Want To Bop Artoo Detoo?!

“Sock and bop Artoo Detoo- He comes back for more!”

Why would any kid want to sock and bop the most endearing character from 1977’s STAR WARS?!


KENNER apparently thought that all kids “Ages 2 and up” would love the chance to give everybody’s favorite astromech droid a good shot in the ol’ holographic projection unit.
It couldn’t have sold very well back in the day, after all, what toddler-sized fan of STAR WARS in ’77 do you think wanted to give lovable Artoo a bolo punch followed through with a haymaker?!
Not any kid I would want to know, that’s for sure!

Now, Darth Vader, there’s someone who deserves some sockin’ and boppin’ !

(Image from the KennerArchive.com)

This makes sense because, remember, this is from 1977 and the Darth Vader from STAR WARS was the archetype bad guy in black. He wasn’t known as anybody’s father yet or the sympathetic Midichlorian-riddled slave boy turned conflicted Jedi apprentice. He was Darth Vader, galactic evil Lord of the Sith (whatever that meant, Lucas didn’t tell us yet then). He was bad ass and deserved a good roundhouse kick to his aspirator-covered breadbasket!

And even this one kind of makes sense,

(Image from the KennerArchive.com)

Those grubby, pesky Jawas deserve some smackin’ around. Look what they did to poor ol’ Artoo:

Chewbacca is borderline as a bop bag.

(Image from the KennerArchive.com)

Big, scruffy Chewie could be up for a little roughhousing and horseplay.

Sure, like a good-natured favorite uncle.
But look at him- does he look like he’s in the mood for it?
Not only does Chewie look angry enough to pull an arm out of its socket he’s also got his bowcaster leveled right at you!

Remember, it’s not wise to upset a wookie.

I’ve decided to part with the Artoo-Detoo Bop Bag (mint in box btw!) at the upcoming March 30th Asbury Park ComicCon.
All of the Kenner STAR WARS Bop Bags you saw above are some of the hardest to find vintage SW collectibles around. Hopefully a diehard SW collector will be there that day looking for it.

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