Today was the first fresh, Spring day of 2013! An IRISH SPRING day! (a roundabout mini-tribute to actress Cindy Morgan)

For around here, today was the first pleasant Spring day of the season. One of those overall nice, comfortable, blue-sky days where you can hang your jacket over your shoulder, walk with a “spring” in your step and a whistle on your lips. You know, an IRISH SPRING day!

Three things to comment on this classic commercial from the late ’70s:
1) Why does that guy, Brian, even bother to wear a shirt?! He seems to have his own, natural wool.
2) That lovely, sparkling-eyed blonde lass is none other than Miss Lacey Underall herself, Ms. Cindy Morgan.


The date of this commercial is 1979 so that puts it just before her head-turning role as Judge Smails’ naughty niece in the comedy classic CADDYSHACK.

Also its just a few years before her glowing role (literally) in TRON as Yori, every nerd’s fantasy girl~ second only to Princess Leia in slave bikini.


Ms. Morgan is still very busy these days with acting work and frequent appearances at Pop Culture conventions/comicons.


Well beloved by the fans, her congenial personality and obvious beauty have inspired many to create homages to her film roles especially as Yori from TRON. The fan art ranges the gamut from portraits to T-shirts to jewelry. She seems to greatly appreciate the sincere tributes to her and always has a word of gratitude and encouragement as evident in her Facebook posts. In fact, I’m inspired to whittle a bar of IRISH SPRING into a bust of Ms. Morgan myself!

Cindy Morgan’s Facebook page is here; she’s got a great sense of humor and is a great person to friend/subscribe on FB.
And consider following Cindy Morgan on Twitter too!

Oh, and what was the third thing to comment on from the IRISH SPRING commercial?
3) Never bring a bar of soap to a knife fight- which apparently happens a lot in Ireland (which looks a lot like California, doesn’t it?).


  1. cindymorganinfo says:

    Thank You! You made my day! 🙂
    ….quite a bit of research!

    • retroart says:

      You’re welcome, Ms. Morgan!
      Like I said before, it started out about the vintage IRISH SPRING commercials but ended up much better as a brief tribute to you.
      Thank you for taking the time to check it out!

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