This Gnews is Good News for Gary Gnu: vintage SESAME STREET cast/crew shirts offered on Ebay to help raise funds for GREAT SPACE COASTER project!


Vintage, hard-to-get SESAME STREET cast/crew-only apparel are listed on ebay to help raise funds in having the videotape masters digitized of the ’80s kids show THE GREAT SPACE COASTER for posterity (and DVD distribution, one hopes) by Tanslin Media!

As the listings state, each T-shirt or sweatshirt is “…from the personal collection of Jim Martin who was a puppeteer and director for the show (SESAME STREET) for more than 15 years. These shirts were made each year to celebrate the wrap of the season. Every season, Caroll Spinney (the puppeteer who performs Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch) designs and draws the illustration for the shirt, thus making every shirt much more than just a Sesame Street shirt, but a shirt that is truly a part of the show.”

I immediately hit the “Buy It Now” button on this sweatshirt with a great illustration by Spinney of one of my favorite classic SESAME STREET muppets, The Count!


At “22 YEARS AH-AH-AH!”, this would make this sweatshirt from 1990-91.

Which means I just bought a sweatshirt old enough to drink, drive & vote.

I’m looking forward to wearing it!

Get your piece of SESAME STREET/MUPPETS history, and support the cause in preserving the early ’80s show THE GREAT SPACE COASTER to boot, here!



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