THE LORD OF THE RINGS 1979 Merchandise Catalog

Yesterday was the first I ever heard that September 22nd is known as Hobbit Day, in recognition of both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ shared birthdate.

I celebrated Hobbit Day by rummaging around my stuff (which coincidentally is what I do on any given Sunday) and when I came across this THE LORD OF THE RINGS catalog I knew how best to express Hobbitness on this most special day: by scanning and uploading all the pages of the catalog.

When this animated LOTR film came out in 1978 I was in the 5th grade and took a handful of friends to go see it on my birthday. They weren’t prepared for what they saw. Before this film, anything animated was a “cartoon” and that’s all the animation we were exposed to. My mom dropped off five 11-year-olds to see what was expected to be an action-adventure Disney-type cartoon movie. No one expected all the blood and death! It was awesome!

I had ordered a bunch of stuff from this catalog: poster, keyring, bumpersticker, etc. And out of all that stuff only the “Frodo Lives” bumpersticker remains in my possesion (?!?).

So always remember, keep Hobbit in Hobbit Day.

May Gandalf Be With You…Always. (wait, wrong franchise.)
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