The BEST candy bar EVER made!

(wrapper picture from the great “Vintage Candy And Food Packaging” Flickr collection of Jon Mankuta)

A lot of things that I enjoyed as a kid are not around or available anymore. There are a myriad of reasons why this is so, poor sales, changing trends, bankrupt manufacturers, etc. But with the oh-so-delicious MARATHON BAR, it seems difficult to believe that there was any reason why they should’ve been discontinued. It seems that EVERYBODY liked the MARATHON bar!

I loved the MARTHON candy bar with that enticing braid of chocolate-covered caramel.
It’s actually a very simple candy bar of the time where the manufacturers’ trend was to start heaping more and more onto a chocolate bar. The MARATHON bar was perfection in simplicity.

And it was cheap!
The MARATHON bar seemed to always be a part of the fistful candy I’d get at the local variety store. So price wasn’t a factor. And I’m sure sales were pretty good since commercials, like this one, ran for years.

So why didn’t the MARATHON bar escape extinction and continue to exist today?
It must’ve been the changing trends factor.
The MARATHON bar was a victim of its own simplicity.
Multi-layered bars, like TWIX, and gimmicky, non-chocolate candy, like POP ROCKS, seemed to seduce the money out of kids’ hands in the late 70’s and into the 80’s.
The manufacturing trend seemed to be to offer a product that implied you were getting more for your money.
And, after all, the MARATHON bar was full of empty holes!

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