RetroArt RePrint Canvases now available at your local Secret Stash!



Available, at least, at the Red Bank, NJ location of JAY & SILENT BOB’S SECRET STASH but it’s a start!



If you’re not familiar with the Secret Stash it is the comic book store owned by filmmaker Kevin Smith, a fellow native of the local area of New Jersey, who has created a mecca for fans of not only comic books, graphic novels, and fringe Pop Culture but for fans of his films as well; the store is jam-packed with his film props and memorabilia.

The shop is actually managed by his friend Walter Flanagan, one of the quartet of Secret Stash operators who are the subjects of the AMC TV cable show COMIC BOOK MEN.


Walter seemed to really like the RetroArt RePrints and, after looking around the shop and stating that wallspace was a premium there (which it is!), he immediately cleared a shelf tall enough to accommodate the five 16″x20″x1.5″ canvases he chose for consignment.

Available at $80 apiece, the following are available at The Secret Stash: the ’66 BATMAN “Repeating” Wrapper, the IDEAL BATMAN HELMET & CAPE boxart, the ’73 WACKY PACKAGES Series 1 “DeLuxe” Wrapper, the IDEAL MYSTIC SKULL Game boxart and the ’70 AMT MR. SPOCK Boxart.

Hopefully this is, to misuse an already overused movie cliche, the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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