In the 1970’s, TROUBADOR PRESS published a series of sophisticated and intelligent coloring & activity books for a market that was offering only simplistic, thick-lined art and easy word searches to children. The Troubador Press contributed to this era of Anti-Coloring Books where emphasis was put on learning and creativity rather than on just coloring inside the lines. The Troubador Press books were for a smarter, older and more sophisticated creative crowd. Many books on a variety of appealing subjects were published by Troubador Press and RetroArtBlog hopes to be able to present all of them to you (eventually). For right now, the first one offered is one of my personal favorites, the MAMMOTH Coloring Book.


MAMMOTH is an educational coloring book written (yes, a coloring book that was written) by Dennis Bridges and stylishly illustrated by Larry Evans. Published in 1978, this edition is actually an alternate version of a prior published version which was not only written by Bridges but also illustrated by him as well. As to why this coloring book needed a “rewrite” in illustration is of now unknown. Evans had also illustrated a number of other Troubador Press books so perhaps it was a contractual thing.

Here is a sampling of MAMMOTH pages from the RetroArtBlog Flickr PhotoSet:

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