ComiConn Prep: That’s a lot of View-Master stuff!

Saturday, 08/24, is the ComiConn held in Trumbull, CT.
I have to make sure I have enough space for all the stuff I’ll be hauling there so I feel the need to pre-stage my set up ahead of time just to make sure……I know, sounds pathetic.
But totally necessary!
Look at all this View-Master stuff I’m bringing!

So it seems all the View-Master stuff will take up at least 3 shelves and a full table.

On a table there will be this awesome VM display stand set up and filled with sets on cards. The display stand will be on sale too!




That’s right! DOCTOR WHO VM reels with the fourth (and fave) Doctor, Tom Baker.
Have a bunch of European market VM sets- they made stuff that wasn’t available States-side.

Hopefully the most valuable stuff will find new homes at ComiConn like these VM gift sets of the movie DUNE and Michael Jackson’s music video masterpiece THRILLER. How often do you come across those?!

What I love about View-Master is that they made 3d picture reels of practically anything- like these titles:



And eventhough there’ll be some pricey VM items like these two special reel packs,

…the most valuable VM item is quite probably this one, an INSTRUCTIONAL BASEBALL with members of the 1969 METS! But will it sell at a Connecticut comic con?

If you see anything in these pix that you might like please feel free to contact me.
If you don’t see something you might like- just ask!
I probably have it squirreled away in a bin or box somewhere in these pix.
It all gets packed up soon so contact me now while it’s still taken over the family room.

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