Classic Christmas Awesomeness: Fisher Price Little People Play Sets!

...from the great online archive

…from the great online archive

Nothing was more simple and fun that playing with a Fisher Price Little People Play Set.
I don’t know who is credited with having come up with the FP Little People design style but it has a brilliant balance between simplistic and yet identifiable form. All the character people have just enough line detail to their base forms to make them easily identified by gender and role. All the buildings and vehicles have a geometric simplification of their forms that look as if they came from a child’s drawing. And that simple, singular style was carried through out all the original line of play sets with little to no variance as you can see from this ’77 JC Penney Christmas catalog page. That’s why I’m assuming it’s the design vision of an individual as opposed to having been compiled by a pool of corporate product designers.
With all that said…I always loved that Action garage because of the dinging elevator!
If you were making your Xmas Wish List in the ’70s, which one would you have circled on this page?

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