Belated Birthday Greetings, Leonard Nimoy!

The other day, March 26th, was the 82nd birthday of Leonard Nimoy, that Vulcan fella named Spock from some show called STAR TREK.
But I know Leonard Nimoy as the host and narrator to one of the most influential shows of my generation, IN SEARCH OF…
A primetime show (well, almost primetime, was 7:00/7:30 PM considered primetime?) of documentarian legerdemain on such things as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the mystery of Amelia Earhart’s disapperance, and other esoteric, paranormal subjects.

LOVED IT as a kid.

It gave credence and pseudo-academic proof of all the wild and crazy things I hoped was real and in existence when I was 10 years old then.
I looked forward to seeing this show each week with as much enthusiasm as for Saturday morning cartoons or Godzilla movies on the WABC-TV 4:30 Movie.
The opening theme still gets me jazzed up and eager for the new and believable accounting of that week’s bizarre mystery- here have a listen to it:

Now it seems Nimoy’s IN SEARCH OF work has been overshadowed by everything else he’s done within his long career in TV and film- eh, go figure.

But this STAR TREK thing seems to be pretty big and has developed some kind of “cult” following so I thought it would be nice to applaud that as well.



Leonard Nimoy’s character, Mr. Spock, was the only character from STAR TREK that was deemed popular enough to merchandise for the AMT line of plastic models. AMT did several of the spaceships from the TV series but Spock was the only figure model done- not Kirk- just Spock because, well it says it right on the box, “STAR TREK’S MOST POPULAR CHARACTER”

RetroArt has created another Retro RePrint of the digital restoration of an original AMT MR. SPOCK version 1970 plastic model kit box art.



This print is a 16″x20″x1.5″ wrapped canvas but other, larger sizes could be made available. Contact retroart [at] retroartblog [dot] com for availability.

amt_spock03 amt_spock02 amt_spock01 amt_spock_wall02

I had this kit as a kid and, if there were more giant, 3-headed snake creatures in the original STAR TREK series, I would’ve been a bigger fan of the show then as well.

Now I appreciate STAR TREK tremendously but as a kid seeing it in rerun syndication, eh, it was okay.

It was different and more appealing to me as a kid than, say, MANNIX. (I like MANNIX now too)

But IN SEARCH OF? Now there was a show a kid in the late 1970s could really get in to!

Perhaps some kind of IN SEARCH OF tribute by RetroArt could be in the works as well?

Anyway, Happy Birthday Leonard Nimoy and Live Longer And Prosper!

More about one of the greatest shows on television during the 70s/80s, IN SEARCH OF.

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