A RetroArt rePrint: IDEAL’s HAUNTED HOUSE Game 1963

A lot of the stuff that I’ve collected over the past three decades are for a lot of reasons: nostalgia, collecting completion, childhood fascination and the most “mature” reason, graphic/construction design appreciation. I’ve realized that the majority of things I picked up because I simply liked the look of it enough to want to acquire it. I just wanted to see it for myself. I try to get these type of Pop Culture objects-of-my-affection for as little money as possible – my fascination and intrigue does have a financial limit. If I can get it on the cheap, I get it!

The IDEAL HAUNTED HOUSE game from the early ’60s does not come cheap.


But I LOVE it!
A complete game in a decent original box can go for hundreds of dollars on ebay.
And I can understand why it goes for so much. The game itself is a fantastic, three-dimensional, upright game board with a multitude of interactive parts.

(the above game board image is from a great blog entry on the game play. Click Here to go there.)

But it’s the HAUNTED HOUSE box art that’s most attractive!
It’s a package art that, seen on the shelf at the local ’60s-era department store like KORVETTES or TWO GUYS, would’ve stopped me dead in my tracks and instantly kick me into whining kid mode.
Alas, I wasn’t around when this beauty was up on the shelves – and, come to think of it, I don’t recall having any friends or relatives who had this game -or- for that matter, have I ever come across it at a garage sale, yard sale or flea market.

Perhaps it’s quite the rarity?
Hence why it commands the big bucks whenever it’s up for auction- in any shape or condition.

So, instead of shelling out those big bucks just so I can stare at the box sitting up on a shelf somewhere, I did the next best thing; I digitally recreated the box art in Adobe Illustrator (the first image of the beat-up box at the top was my reference- had to do some straightening out in Photoshop first to square off the corners and flatten the perspective of the original photo).


I can’t invest the money into an original but I have plenty of blood, sweat and tears to spare to make the next best thing, a digitally restored version that I can have made into a wrapped canvas print to hang on a bare wall (which I have plenty of too).






I plan on doing this with a lot of great box art and cover art items that are within themselves standalone pieces of lost Pop Culture art.
If you’d like your own canvas print of IDEAL’s HAUNTED HOUSE please feel free to contact me at retroart [at] retroartblog [dot] com for more info on it.

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